Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two new short plays in Bangla

Off-Kendrik Presents

"Mobius Strip"


"Khagom "

Location: 380 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA 01803. (on Route 3A- at the border of Burlington and Billerica; signboard says "Atlantis Playmakers")
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Saturday June 4th

1st Show:  5pm (2 plays with a 15 minute break between them)

2nd Show: 7.30 pm (2 plays with a 15 minute break between them)

Sunday June 5th - 4 pm (2 plays with a 15 minute break between them)

Tickets: $10/person. Call Ticketmaster @ 508-285-3988; 857-205-4985; 508-269-8091.
(This is an intimate space with a seating of 40 persons/show; patrons are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance)


Mobius Strip

Join the ends of a piece of sticky tape with a single twist and two surfaces and two edges turn into a remarkable loop with a single surface and a single edge, a Mobius Strip. The play starts with Manashi and Aman in a lazy weekend chat in their suburban US living room. Before the evening party, Aman insists on visiting the Mobius Strip cafe, which holds the clue to his unfinished fantasy, and his abrupt departure leaves Manashi in tears. At the cafe, we meet the same two characters in Kolkata struggling with their personal and political dilemmas in a rapidly globalizing society. Snapshots of contemporary Aman-Manashi twist and warp with space and time, and distinct surfaces and edges blur, as in a Mobius Strip. (Runtime: 40 minutes)

Written and Directed by Sankha
Actors: Adhiraj, Sohini/Anindita, Gourab, Pragati and others
Lights/Sound: Rajib
Poster and Photogrpahy: Dyuti


A pet snake, a holy man, a reporter, an opinionated urbanite, a curse, a strange night and a bizarre disappearance…..Satyajit Ray’s classic tale of mystery and mystics is adapted for stage against a contemporary backdrop. Here modern ideas of progress clash with indigenous beliefs, imposed authority spawns subversion, and the conclusion is left open-ended. (Runtime: 35 minutes)

Directed by Gourab
Script: Sankha, Sunanda, Gourab
Set: Sunanda
Actors: Aunnesha, Urmila, Pragati, Anindita, Sohini, Samik, Sankha, Sunanda, Partha, Gourab
Lights/Sound: Rajib
Poster and Photogrpahy: Dyuti

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