Thursday, May 19, 2016


“Voices “ is a collective journey presented through the lens of South Asian immigrants and their children.   A rich mosaic of South Asian immigrant experiences in the Greater Boston area is presented through intimate storytelling: stories of cultural snafus, verbal gaffes, experiences that are historic in nature, teenage games and unexpected phone calls. Eight presenters speak about sometimes intimate, often life-changing events or issues that they have grappled with or continue to endure in this country.  These are people from the community, with no formal theater experience, who want to share their stories. The group includes people who have lived here for over fifty years as well as young adults that have grown up in the Boston suburbs.  Presented through a multilingual format (Bangla and English), this tapestry covers fifty years of multigenerational experience.
Off-Kendrik has been an independent theater group in the Greater Boston community for almost a decade.  It has worked on ‘original’ plays in Bangla.  Using a minimalistic approach, the group’s work has been experimental, with particular attention  to the contours of the complex immigrant experience in the current millennium.  “Voices” is a progression for the group;it allows people in the community to share their unique experiences and connectivity.  It is our hope that ‘Voices’ will be presented biannually, in Spring and Fall, allowing us to share and grow together as a diverse community.
Tapati Lahiri (Sat): “Letters from my mother”
Manisha Ray (Sunday): “Burned into memory”
Souvik Chattopadhyay: “Wheat or white”
Nilay Mukherjee: “3-am phone call”
Shuvom Sadhuka: “A discourse on education: Western vs Eastern”
Chandreyee Lahiri: “Odometer clicks”
Abdulla Shibli: "What I want to tell Shaki, Naushi and Mira"
Saptak Ray: “In search of home”
Mahua Mukhopadhyay: “Dark road, white house”
Another goal of Off-Kendrik is to use some of the proceeds from “Voices” to support theater artists in medical need back in India.  I hope you can support the cause, while enjoying the rich tradition of story-telling.

Details about the show:

Tickets are $15; $10 for chidren 12 and under and students with ID.
Location: Davis Square Theater, 255 Elm Street, Somerville
Tickets can be bought at